Monthly Archive: March 2015

Tzav – Burn baby, Burn

Shabbat Hagadol, the Shabbat preceding Pesach, is notorious for an exceptionally long sermon in the Synagogue. This is one of the two times a year when the rabbi would deliver a long address, and...

Frankenstein’s Pesach

A look at different Passover practices, from the bare bones to the exceptionally strict. A talk delivered on 24 March, 2015 at the WJCC

Vayikra – On the Operating Table

The book of Vayikra, the center of the Torah, is to a great extent a book we cannot easily relate to. It focuses mainly on Temple services which details animal parts and procedures involving...

Must I Listen to the Rabbi?

Below is a link to a discussion from 17 March 2015 on the topic of Rabbinic Authority, its history from Talmudic times until the present.