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Wellington Jewish community news.

A gut yohr!

Our office and the Kosher Co-op will be closed this Thursday and Friday for Rosh Hashanah. From everyone at the Centre we wish you a gut gebentsched yohr and a l’shanah tovah umetukah!

Ki Tavo – Be Happy

The Mishnah in Berachot (9:5) states that one must bless the Lord for calamities as well as for the good. An example of such a blessing is Barukh dayan ha’emet, recited by mourners upon...

Shoftim – Justice For All

Among the many Mitzvot that appear in Parshat Shoftim, one of the better known phrases is the mandate to perform and preserve justice in our society. “Justice, justice you shall pursue, in order that you...

Re’eh – Be a Blessing

When flying at a low altitude over a mountainous region it is easy to identify the tree line. At a certain altitude the trees stop suddenly. They don’t thin out, they simply stop. The...