Join our community

Joining the Centre keeps Wellington’s Jewish community strong and as a member you’ll receive some great members’ benefits as well.

We welcome new members – whether new arrivals in Wellington or locals reconnecting with their Jewish identity – and have membership packages for adults, younger members, and those outside Wellington.


Membership has its benefits

As a member you’ll also receive a wide range of member services and discounts, including:

  • Life-long friendships and networking within the Jewish community.
  • Discounts on many public events such as our popular sedarim.
  • Discounts on Jewish education programes – such as free enrollment in Orot (weekly children’s after school Jewish education programme) and discounts on holiday programmes.
  • Discounts on Jewish life cycle events – such as bris, weddings, funerals, mikva use, and rabbinical services.
  • Discounts on use of Centre facilities – such as room bookings, kitchen bookings.
  • Subscription to our weekly email newsletter, Centre News Weekly and our bi-monthly Centre News, and access to our private members-only Facebook group.


Membership categories

We have several special membership categories offering a discount on our standard membership fees, including:

  • Child (under 14), junior (14-17), and intermediate (18-25) ages.
  • Country membership for members living outside Wellington (with a further discount for those who are members of another Orthodox congregation where they live).

All membership categories have the similar benefits but different subscription rates.

Anyone in genuine financial hardship unable to afford membership subscriptions can apply to the Wellington Jewish Philanthropic Society for support.


More information

Contact our office for more information about joining.

If you are interested in becoming Jewish or reconnecting with your Jewish roots but don’t know where to start, please feel free to contact our rabbi through the office.