Service times


Information for visitors

If you’re visiting please read our information for visitors to plan and register for your visit.

This page also includes guides for Jewish visitors from outside Wellington and for non-Jewish visitors coming to our services.


Weekly service times


Shabbat service times

Generally Shabbat service times are:

  • Kabbalat Shabbat: 5:30pm in winter; 7pm in summer during daylight savings. (If you’re visiting in autumn or spring around the time daylight savings time ends or starts contact the office for service times as they may be inbetween these times.)
  • Shiur: 9am. 
  • Shacharit/musaf: 9:30am.
  • Children’s programme: 10:15am. Check with the office before your visit to confirm as children’s programming may vary through the year.


Monday shacharit minyan

We hold a regular Monday morning shacharit minyan at 7am (followed by Talmud study) but please contact the office before attending so that we can arrange access to the Centre. The minyan usually meets later on public holidays.


Chagim service times

Contact our office for service times for chagim as will vary. Generally there will be an arvit service to bring in the chag and shachairt/musaf service the next morning but no shiur beforehand.


Candlelighting and havdalah times

You can download detailed zmanim spreadsheets we generated at Kosher Java for 2018 and 2019.

We make havdalah based on tzais Geonim 8.5 degrees, which is in column R in these spreadsheets.